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Hi, I was wondering if any could help me please?

ive just had my front done and before was old horrible hardcore that cannot be moved so I was wanting to grow a lawn on it. My question is can you lay weed blanket down on top then place soil on that to grow grass if its say 5" deep?? The lawn isn't going to be used its just to look nice. Thanks!😁


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Going by the photo you only have a couple of inches in which to put soil which isn't really enough for a lawn. I would seriously think about getting someone in to dig it out or consider artificial grass.

the photo is deceptive, It's about 8 inch deep. 


I don't think a weed membrane will help, weed seeds just land on the grass and grow.

You need to break up that hard core, before you lay the lawn, otherwise there will be no drainage.

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