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Hi I have a gunnera manicate still in its pot as i bought it late last year and now i want to plant it out in the garden i know you can plant them in damp bog garden which i have as it is a lot of clay but there is a bit where it floods every now again for a few days at a time could i plant it there?

Also it says you can split it how do i know when it is ready to be split?

Thank you


I have one that is planted in the side of a stream.  During the winter the roots are under water for weeks at a time and it has come to no harm.  You only need to split it if it becomes to big for your site.  As it grows it will develop quite distinct growing points and you should split these apart making sure that each piece has some roots.

Emma Crawforth

Hello pash2,

Gunneras can take flooded conditions from time to time. Have a look at James' blog about them. As he says, they are susceptible to frost, so give it some protection in the winter.

Emma team

Thank you very much both of you

Does the plant need proctectinmg from the wind? 

Can it go to one edge of the garden where there is a fence on one side  about 6 feet away from the plant

or does it have to be  where it is proctected on three sides with the same distance away from the fence and the house and green house?

I do hope this makes sense


Does the plant need shelter or can it be a little exposed to the wind? this is what i am trying to say



I don't think it needs shelter.  The stems are very tough but the leaves might get torn if exposed to very strong winds

Thank you

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