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how on earth do you order items using the gw mag codes. tried everything without sucess. HELP1

Daniel Haynes

Hello ahale55, I'm very sorry to hear that you're having trouble placing your order. Please either email or phone 020 8433 1113 and we'll get that sorted out for you. Many thanks.


Glad to see that I am not the only one who appears to have problems placing orders with Thompson & Morgan company on line!

The only way I can place an order is by using snail mail!

So much for the modern age and computers.

Is there some magic way to use this site????

did get an e mail from company which enabled access to one page but others still blocked. why?

Daniel Haynes

Hello ahale55 and Eileen. I'm very sorry you're still having problems. We can sort this out for you, but we'll need a little bit more detail about the problem. Please email us at with your phone number, and a brief explanation of the problem you're experiencing, then somebody will call and help you resolve the problem.

Many thanks,



You're not the only ones that have had issues with ordering on TM website, I had a right pickle ordering some of the offers.  I've found that if you type in the order code as advertised in the magazine (e.g GW603)  after the www.thomson..../ bit (as it appears in the magazine) then you go straight to the right page.  My problem was that you have to pay for the offers individually for them to be reduced - the order I did for the recent offers ended up changing from just over £12 to £54!  To be fair the people at the end of the phone have been really helpful (although it did take 5 attempts at phone calls to sort it out).  Maybe the magazine could reflect this when printing the information about the order - I've already suggested this to TM too.  Hope that this helps.

I am a subscriber and was wondering is the bulb offers free or otherwise not available to residents in Ireland?

I have also had difficulty in accessing T&M offers with promotional codes - often just giving up. Thank you, subscribers, for highlighting this problem and I am confident that between Gardeners' World and T&M, we will get over this 'glitch'

Sadly the winter pansy plugs I had delivered last August and which were immediately potted- on failed to grow at all. I wonder if anyone else had problems with these plants.


I did have a problem when  placing an order with T & M through Gardener's world in as much as they charged me  P & P when the offer had stated 'free postage' - however I must say that I emailed them explaining what the problem was (there didn't appear to be a code to enter at checkout) and they refunded my postage - so thank you T & M

this appears to have opened a can of worms but typing into firefox is still rejected so no real progress has been made. new mag arrived today dont khow whether to try offers in there or not bother.

Daniel Haynes

Hello clairemccurdy. Thanks for you feedback on the explanation of the offer codes in the magazine, which I’ve passed on to the team.

Hanratts: unfortunately the prohibitively high cost of postage means that the offers are not available in Ireland. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused. It might be worth phoning Thompson & Morgan on 0844 573 6054 to discuss whether they can provide you with a quote for delivery charges to Ireland.

Lottie1: I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced difficulties. The codes should certainly work as listed in the magazine – if you have any further problems, do give Thompson & Morgan a call, and they’ll be happy to assist you  in completing your order online, or over the telephone. Their number is 0844 573 6054.

smbloch: I’ve checked with Thompson & Morgan, who are happy to replace the plants if you’re unhappy with their performance. Drop us a line at, with your details and date of order, and we’ll pass this on to T&M for you

ahale55: I’ve tested that address in Firefox, and it is bringing up the page correctly. Do try clicking this link:

As mentioned previously, do drop us a line at if you have any further difficulties, and we’ll get them sorted for you.

that code works and so does 608 for the petunias if you go through another site however gws611 does not respond and neither does the vanmeuwen site vgws3. it seems very hit and miss on working on instruction from you and not for me off my own bat. strange.

works fine if click on codes in your message but still refuses to give access if type into google the site details given. getting more confussed.


tried firefox and internet explorer as search engine same result - no matching site

Daniel Haynes

Hello again. I'm pleased to hear that the codes worked when you clicked the links, so you can place your order. I think the reason that you haven't been able to view the pages when you've typed them yourself is that you're possibly typing the addresses into the search engine field rather than the address bar of your browser.




Daniel Haynes

I'm delighted to hear that the problem has been sorted, ahale55. Thank you for bearing with us!


susan littleborough

I also bought the winter flowering pansies and have had much the same results as