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Little weeeed

Can anyone tell me why my open compost heap is developing a white soft fur on the surface?   I have used compost in 6 large pots and in two of them the fur is also growing. What causes this and what can I do. 

Some kind of fungus. I hate to say it, but this sort of thing is often seen on old dog t....s by the roadside!

Not much you can, or probably need to, do. It will sort itself out pretty soon, I think.

Little weeeed

I found a cat had used it as a toilet a few days ago...Would this have caused it ? I get a lot of snail trails over the surface too. I cleaned up the cat mess immediately so it had only been there a max of 8 hours. 


I get fine crops of toadstools on mine as well as the fur. Just part of life's diversity

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