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My wife and I have purchased a small 'hook-on' unit which allows the basket to be lowered to about waist height.

After watering, the basket is then lifted to it's original position.

(Very useful to those of us 'of-age' who may find difficulty in reaching-up to a hanging basket for watering, adding flowers, etc.)


Yeah, seen them in wilko's for 2.99 each.


John, I have used one in the past but found that it could be tempermental about coming down and then just as tempermental about going up again.It now resides in a corner of my shed - hope yours is more obliging!


They are very good if you have small baskets, for anything over 12 - 14 inches they are not strong enough. 

Hello Daintiness.

Yep, I agree, they can be a bit 'moody' at times. If you ensure that the lowered 'tape' is perfectly straight and then gently offer the basket up, it usualy stays up OK, same procedure when lowering.

I don't have too much of a problem....(most times.)  !!!  


Hi Bookertoo.

I have one 12" basket and one 8" basket, no problems usually, but I do 'take your point.'

the smaller plants in my hanging basket have all died, dont know if its the very cold weather just now??

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