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I layed a new turf lawn in early May. It appears to be well established apart from the odd bald spot but it is very hard and uneven under foot. Any ideas on how to alleviate this or does it just need rain and a bit of forking?


Mine is uneven because of ant hills. I would love to be rid of them but if I tried to level the lawn the ants would soon be back.

Hi there, i would spike/aerate your lawn, import some quality screened top soil, mix this with sharp sand (40% soil-60% sharp sand) and cover your entire lawn and level the plot with a long plank or similar. 

It always pays to fully prepare the soil first incorporating lots of sharp sand or grit for drainage if on heavy clay, get it as weed free as possible and use a quality seed. Depending on the kind of traffic/usage the lawn will have to deal with will determine what seed you should use. 

PS. Rigby Taylor is a company i use for all my grass seed. Happy Gardening.

Top dressing is good but the lawn will naturally get softer with regular feeding and mowing

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