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Hardy fuschias

Does anyone know why my hardy fuschia magellanica variegata, which survives the winter in its pot on the patio, but won't seem to grow. The little red shoots are still (in June) only an inch long despite dressing the surface with fresh compost and growmo

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Don't keep adding feed-turn it out and check for vine weevil grubs that may have been at the roots,it could be waterlogged,the roots could have got frozen in the winter-really if the top isn't growing- check the bottom

Thanks - will post results when weather gives in !

Paul N

My hardy fuchsias are all in the ground; my tender fuchsias are all in pots and brought into the greenhouse for the winter. Keep things simple.

@CELIA2 - one of my hardy fuchsias was exactly the same, after checking the roots for weevils, etc, everything was fine but it still grew very slowly the same 2 leaves were there for about a month. Then all of a sudden it's shot up.  My point is that sometimes there is nothing wrong it's just the plants decision.

Another thing to check would be is it in full sun, shade, etc.  If mostly in shade this could be why.

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