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I am new to this forum so any help will be appreciated.

A couple of years ago I bought a well established jasmine plant that I wanted to trail my fence. I planted it and it was doing well until the bad winter we had.

It appeared to die back leaving just a stem. It came back the next year but never prodcued any flowers.

I looked after it and this year it is stronger than ever and I was hoping to get some flowers.

However I have noticed all over my garden I have similar smaller plants growing that are difficult to pull up.

With this spread I am now questioning if I have a weed problem. Please see the pictures.

Any help appreciated.








Hi there,

I can't quite tell if this is a Jasmine plant, it loks very similar, though it could well be a common weel found in many gardens that has grown well with your care. Typically their flowers won't come until later in the year, especially seeing as this year has been so cold already. If I was you I would wait it out and see what happens over the next few months, maybe look at potting it up to minimalise the spread if it is a weed? 

In the meantime if you need some other plants to replace it I've recently found a garden equipment website with a clearance sale on at the moment.


I think these might be ash tree seedlings.

thanks for some replies.

Would a jasmine plant spread itself so much?

if it were ash tree seedlings it might explain why the spread?

Jasmine does spread itself quickly, you might want to conside taking up the others and either composting them or potting them up to give away, otherwise you'll have a garden full before too long.


thanks. do you think this is a jasmine plant from the pictures?

Hello!  can you remember what the twigs/buds looked like over the winter months?  Ash has smooth grey bark and the little tight buds (which grow on to become leaves) are black.


Jasminoides is the traditional climbing jasmine. It comes in different types but I've never seen one like that. There is a Tree Jasmine which I don't think is any relation.


It's an ash tree

Yes I think its an ash tree as well, I had one like that and it took ages of digging it out to get rid. Sorry...

Just keep cutting back with secateurs

Hi Luke

Its an ash tree - I have loads of tiny ones in my garden.  If you dont pull them up by the time they are only a few inches, you cant pull them up at all!  You may get ideas of removal from other forum members, but I just keep pruning mine to keep it low.  Good luck.  Teresa



Ash tree

 Jasmine, not to be confused with trachelospermum jasminoides (star jasmine).


many thanks to all. i will have to cut this back and apply some weed killer to remove it, i dont want it to lift my fence!

The best way to get rid of it, is cut it back to leave a stump about 6 inches, then drill a hole in the middle and put in a good squirt of the SBK brushwood killer, that will kill the roots.  Then just dig out as much as possible.  I have one thats about 12 feet tall that's grown through the lean-to greenhouse at the back of the garage over the road.  Not looking forward to sawing that down (plus I'll need some help from OH to make sure it doesn't destroy next-doors fence).

At some point I'm going to have to do the same to a buddlia that's growing alongside the garage, sister-in-law objects to me digging it up before she's got a cutting as it's a plant her Mum put in, so she has a sentimental attachment to it, but can I get her to come & get a cutting?!  Come September we'll be moving over there, and my Husband will go mad as it's starting to put a crack in the garage wall, so when he sees that, it will definitely get dug out, anything that threatens his RS2000 disposed of immediately.

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