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My "help" in the garden has pruned my ten year old heather plants back to the wood decimating them.  Will they recover or should I dig them out and replant?

Alina W

Sorry, I don't think they'll recover.

 And I'd sack you "help".


Id say they definitely wont recover but to be honest ten years out of a heather is pretty good as they tend to get very woody and straggly. Dig them out


Just wait a minute there!  Heathers come back after being hard grazed, burnt and otherwise abused on the moors.  Why not in the garden?  Give the plant a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

But do get rid of the help, or guide him a bit more!


I still don't think they'll recover. I very much doubt they would be as hardy as the hill heather. But then you could try.

Don't get rid of the person that helps you in the garden I'm sure it was done with the best of intentions


Many thanks to all for the advice, I think that a visit to the nearest Garden Centre at the weekend to buy new heathers is the best answer and I will dot these around the old plants just in case they do recover! 

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