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Hi all


,I have a Laurel Hedge in the front garden. The hedge is in a walled area on the drive. This area is slightly redundant so I want to take away wall away, remove ¾ of the soil and leave enough for the Laurel to survive. I have marked the attached photo with a red line. This is how far I would remove the soil. My question is how hardy are Laurels. Would the hedge survive taking away that much soil? The roots of the hedge seem far reaching.Any advice/help/suggestion would be most welcome.I do not want to lose the hedge as it does give as privacy from the front area.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Tough as old boots if left alone. In your case prune the plant by as much as you can afford,( and I mean prune since a hedge trimmer will spoil the leaves), and then water, water, water and feed.

I've just moved two mature laurels with stems about 4 " thick. Cut them down to a foot high and dug them up. Their roots are few but go deep. They have burst into life with a vengeance since the move in June.

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