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I am going to buy some pyrus chanticleer trees to form a screen. I am struggling to find out how faw apart they should be planted for a dense hedge. Can anyone help?

star gaze lily

Hi Blake, this website has distance info


It dépends how patient you are and how dense you want the screen to be.   The RHS Plant Selector says they will reach 4 to 8 metres wide -

As a rule, for a screen you need to plant trees and shrubs as far apart as their eventual width but as this can be varied and take up to 25 years to achieve you may want to plant them at the closer distance of 4 metres or compromise at 6.    For a hedge, you would plant much closer and keep them trimmed to thicken up but I'm assuming you want to enjoy their lovely conical form and all that blossom and leaf colour..



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