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I went into my local B+M store today and low and behold in the garden section outside I found some Helleborus Niger so as they were reduced from £2.99 to £2.25 (not a lot I know)  I got them,  it says on the plant section of GW to put them in a shady spot the question is this,  is it shady all the time, or just through the day,  I have a North Facing and an East facing border so which would be the best for them,  I've never grown these before.


Hellebores are woodland plants, so normally grow under dappled shade from trees.  They need moist soil.  However, as long as you don't plant them in full sun on light soil which is prone to drying out, they should be fine.  I have a couple of H. Niger in an East-facing border which is shaded by a garage to the South,  so I would say either spot would be fine, so choose the one with the dampest soil.


Thanks for that Bob,  the dampest one for me then will be the North facing one so that will be their new home 

Hello rain
Helleborus Niger for me is not so easy. They disappear on me after a couple of seasons. I tend to concentrate on the orientalis hybrids but........

I would plant in the least windy site. They don't like strong bitter winds
Any aspect as long as not in baking hot sunshine for too long
Don't let them dry out too much.

I had success with them when grown in pots of John innes compost with a top dressing of gravel. They look lovely in gravel
I bow to bob on this .....he can gow them and I can't.



I think we are pretty much saying the same thing anyway, Verdun.  I also find the orientalis are much less fussy.


Rain, I should also say that you need to prepare the ground well by digging in plenty of compost, preferably leaf mould if you have any,before planting.


Oh Verdun & Bob  I'm so pleased to read that Helleborus Niger can be difficult. I've have 2 plants that I planted 2/3 years ago and they've never really done anything. They're in a suitable part of the garden yet all I get is a couple of leaves and that's about it! I'm even contemplating taking them out. Before I do can you suggest anything I can try to get them to grow?


Join the club. We cannot keep them either and we actually have damp woodland conditions. If you do get them to flower then sow the seeds when ripe and at least then you may have baby plants to keep them going. Ours only flowered the once and then petered out.

Tattianna , I would do just as Bob has just suggested
I have to say though that I've tried very hard to keep Niger. Why not treat yourself to orientalis type instead? You can choose the colour you want there....white, pink, red, purple, black, yellow, Spotted, freckled, single, double......!
Go to Ashwood or Harvington sites and just look at whats available.
I bet you will be tempted

I'm in that club too !  Have never got H Niger beyond the season they were bought - but my orientalis collection is growing nicely !


Oh this looks like it might be a struggle,  one of them is in flower at the moment,  I was going to put them in the ground this morning but it has snowed through the night,  I think I shall look out for some Orientalis for next year,  I shall have a look at those sites as well,  thank you everyone for the advise and what could be losses,  I still have all the seeds that I set away this month so finger's crossed that they take.


I once kept a niger for 2 years. Got a new one this year so I'll see what happens

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