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I don't grow a lot of lillies, but Lily Beetles must count as the worst design for a pest. They're the brightest of red, and what are they a pest of? Plants with green leaves! Though in true QR fashion I can't bring myself to kill them, so as with slugs and snails I plop them in the council green bin so they can have a good feast before they're carted off to the council composter. 


You'll not catch them all & you'll have poor lilies next year. Kill the little devils.

Good design, as soon as you disturb a leaf they drop onto compost, red side down so you can't see them & in my experience they are always in twos, if you catch one you've missed the other.


I use a plant label and jar to scoop them into, then apply pressure until suitably squashed.

I found two today that looked like they were in the throes of passion.  Lets hope they were, at least they'll have gone out smiling.  Squished.  They were the only two I could find though.


we gardeners are a vicious lot arent we?

dont see too many.  provado spray if i do

Adam Pasco

There were none first thing this morning, but the heat of the sun appears to have brought them out – well that the the tell-tale sign of chewed leaf edges! I pick them off and crush them. I once made the mistake of placing one on the paving awaiting my boot, but it flew off!

If adults are present then they may have had a chance to lay eggs, so check the underside of leaves for any, and wipe away.

Verdun you're right! All this squishing and slicing .

I've had a few this last couple of days. All in pairs and they all went in the garden bin. 


To go and infest someone else's Lilies! Sorry but if they were a native pest then maybe I would leave them alone and suffer, but since they are an alien invader (like Japanese Knotweed and Policeman's Helmet (Balsam)) they have to be dealt with appropriately.

Adam Pasco

I don't think teh lid of my bin would keep them in.

Pop them in ... turn your back ... and they'll crawl out!

No, this isn't a native pest so does not have any natural predators. Even the last very cold winter hasn't reduced numbers.

How do you know that they have  not crawled up to the lid or the edge of the top , and as you lift the lid they are not flying off to your garden to take their  revenge  with vengence ???????.

I recycle mine! they are fed to  a  Carniverous Plant on my windowsil . They eat and kill my lilies , so my Carniverous plants eat and kill THEM for me !



lucky, how absolutely perfect 

Adam Pasco

Well Lucky3, that sounds like perfect biological recycling!


Keep the old teastrainer in your pocket - it helps to catch them, as they turn upside down when they fall you can't see their red backs, their underneaths are black/brwn so they virtually disappear.  if you want to use chemicals Prvado does work.  They come out in the warmth and then I have a great time collecting them up in their large numbers, taking them to the hard standing and then JUMPING on them - hard!! My neighbours have given up even noticing my odd behaviours so this is just one more they can ignore as well.  P.S. I wouldn't use the teastrainer you use for your earl grey, an old plastic one is fine!

 What I forgot to add is that I collect them in a container  put a bit of cling film on top if I havent got the lid . Since I have quite a few lillies they mount up pretty quick . So I share them out amongst my carniverous plant funnels .  When Ive got about 8 in the same funnel the beatles make a weird squealing sound  . and I tell them  "that just serves you right , you've had your last taste of MY lillies !".

Yes Verdun  I am .!



I've only seen one this year so far (in Kent) and that was sitting on my ceanothus!

I hope I haven't tempted fate, but I do try to remember to check my lilies every time I'm in the garden, I have a pretty beady eye.


I've only stamped on 4 this year so far! They go for my frittilaries! 2 were on adjacent Aquillegas & the latest 2 on Japanese Anemone stems- I never actually saw/found any on my poor frittillaries this year.

I keep an old jam jar outside ready to catch them. Then they get tipped onto the slabs...... J.


I have a piece of slate which sits on the concrete lawn edging near the most susceptible lilies, they crush very nicley.

Have to say that most of the damage to my lilies so far this year has been from molluscs.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have only seen/killed one so far this year which is asking for trouble!!