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 As you can see from the picture , I have inherited a garden with terraced beds ,  The all Brecia and snow on the mountain type plants are all very intertwined And I am unhappy with the effect.  Other than Paul the lots out throw it all away and start again how could I sort this problem out please ?  I am an inexperienced but very keen Gardner , New to the forum please be kind 😀


There is nothing for it but to sit out there in the sunshine, glass of Pimms to hand, and slowly start to thin out the plants. I'm afraid a lot of gardening is like that......seemingly tedious but actually quite relaxing (this is where the Pimms helps). You might find any number of self seeded things growing amongst that lot and, who knows, maybe a frog or two hiding in the greenery.

Thanks for the reply and for putting up with the 'corrections' courtesy of auto text! 

Shall I dig it all out, try to separate it out into different plants and replant them after a good dig and mulch of the bed? Perhaps not this time of the year but in the autumn? 

We did up the house first and have watched the gardens now for three years, there is aquilegia in there but they seem to happily self seed everywhere; other than that nothing else here in this bit. Sadly no frogs but plenty of slugs. Or as you say thin it out- decide what should live where and pull out trespassers? 


Personally, if as you think it is all Aubrieta and Cerastium tomentosum, I would weedkiller the lot and start again with a  clean set of rocks and plant up with less invasive and prettier things.

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There isn't any need to go drastic and pull everything out unless you are desperate to replace all the plants. Just work back to a less crowded effect and that should cure the tangled appearance. Its a bit like cutting hair really.


Thank you for the reply. 

Sorry only just found this 


welcome to the forum 

i too would start afresh. dig everything out and get back to soil and stone then assess what you have and what aort of alpines you would like there. 

Take a photo and ask for ideas.  

You can have little pockets of alpine gems there or some bigger plants.  They can be dwarf shrubs, grasses, perennials, etc.. Things to look at all year round 

Thank you Verdun 


i would agree, but I don't like Pimms

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I was thinking, maybe, a bottle of sb

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