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After reading this link am I correct in my understanding that astrantia seeds do not need any covering or heat to propagate?  I have also tried to grow verbena bon., with no success, so trying again.  As v. bon. needs cold to break dormancy I assume they too will be treated the same as astrantia.


Mary - I found Verb. bon very easy from seed, but I did them in late spring/early summer.  

Meant to say - as nut said , astrantias (like Verb. bons)  will seed by themselves too, but they'll  simply sit through winter and germinate when ready. They don't need extra warmth. 

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Thanks Fairygirl.,........I tried both during the Spring and I didn't get a single seedling, very unusual, but I did have them covered.  Trying this time of the year without cover...........hopefully will get seedlings in the Spring.


I set astrantia in autumn, outside. I generally bring the overwintering seed pots into the cold GH around February. this might be more for my benefit than theirs. I also bring things in when they germinate, no heat, just shelter from the worst of the wet and pecking birds.

verbena about February in the cold GH

I use gritty compost and some more grit on top of the seeds, it stops them getting washed out or growing mould/algae/other undesirables

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Thanks Nutcutlet........... must remember to buy some grit.

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