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Hi everyone,

having just moved into my very first house, I am new to this gardening business but keen to make a start nonetheless!

 I am starting off with my front garden where I have some sort of grass/spider plant which needs controlling! I have tried uploading a picture but it's not working So I will try to describe- It is quite tall and with thin long leaves that are light green in colour and are a bit rough as though they could easily give you a paper cut! Anyway, its growing into my neighbours garden and where they have cut it, it looks as though it isn't going to grow back...the cutting area has gone brown and dry! The plant itself is quite large and taking over my own garden as well. I want to cut it down but not kill it.. Not sure how to go about this - Any advice??



A Pampas Grass maybe ?  They have sharp cutting leaves.

Established plants will spread happily.............difficult to be sure without a pic.  They were a popular plant in front gardens in the 70's........impact without much effort although they do need some control to be useful.


It sounds like it could be  a pampas grass - Cortaderia, Kelly. If you try googling that it will give you some pix which may look familiar. Did it have feathery looking  plumes growing from it in late summer, or did you not see it at that time of year?

For uploading pix here, there's a little tree icon in the toolbar at the top of the box where you type your post. If you click on that it will give you instructions. If you don't have that , it may be down to the device you're using - some people have issues with certain phones/laptops etc.

hi all,

I didn't manage to see it as only recently moved so not sure if it is pampas... But please see below - thanks for the tip

as you can see it is huge both in height and width so need to do something quite drastic but I am worried I may kill it as can imagine when in control would look nice  



Don't think it looks like pampas.  Verdun is a grass expert and may be able to help here.


Looks like it to me Kelly although I can't get the pic to enlarge very well. They're normally grown as a specimen plant in the middle of lawns or large borders.They do get pretty big, and the flower spikes are the same height again,so you might be better trying to get it out and planting something more friendly instead. It looks as if it's not in a great position - is it on a path?The foliage has very sharp edges so wear stout gloves when you work with it.  


If you google Cortaderia pumila you'll get the idea of what they're like.

Thanks for your responses - it would probably be best to get rid although it seems a shame. Is it just a case of digging it out? They don't have massive roots do they?

Hi everyone, 


just as an FYI it was pampas grass and I have managed to clear it with a little help from the neighbour - now to put something in its place - thanks for your help! 

Kelly............thanks for letting us know..........always good to have id's confirmed

Hope you enjoy looking for a re placement plant.

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