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Something is spreading like wildfire in my borders and I've no idea what it is.


If you could tell me and how I could control/eliminate it, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.



Can you show the whole plant pls.


Hi John - I have it too. It's a little saxifrage or sedum with yellow flowers but it pulls out easily. Don't have quite as much as that though!  


Yes, Sedum acre.


Oh  Thought he meant the tall one! 


Thanks everyone.

As you've pointed out, it's definitely sedum acre.

Just need to work out how to control it now.  Pulling it out seems to just spread it further 

Thanks again,



Spray it with Glyphosate!


Spray it with insecticide. Sedums are killed by most insecticides.

had this plant in my garden i have no idea what it is --have you?seems to be spreading by underground rhizomes


our cottage had been empty for seven years when we moved in and sedum acre had overgrown the whole garden,no problem though we just raked it all out and turned over the soil,it never came back




Berghill, don't you mean weedkiller?. Insecticides kill insects.


iain, you may have a chinese lantern.

Agree, think it is a Chinese lantern. They spread like crazy underground, but pulling does control them to a point. Always allow a few to grow because they look nice in the autumn.


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