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It's not right to get bugs just when spring starts. Don't they know you've got stuff to do


I was going to say that sleepless nights may be a good time to do all the planning but then I felt that would be adding insult to injury and we can't afford to lose Artjac


I will be happy to forward some seeds just let me know when and where to 


Hi Jools6 - thanks for offering seeds, I have sent you a message with gardenjeannie's address - she has volunteered to be our Chief Seed Collector!

David Matthews2

I too have packets of seeds which I'm willing to donate. Just give me the address for posting on. Rooted cuttings of hydrangea, dogwood and small bay also available as/ when/ where required. **pms not working too well for me at present, though??



Fantastic David!  Will try to PM you.


Thank You Jools and David.

Artjak, he's a wee pic to cheer you up


How's that for a good start?



So, Everyone, what a great evening I have had. 

The first seeds arrived today, And what a lot! See my post above. The first 4 parcels arrived today, wooo hooo

It was as exciting as getting parcels for myself. Like Christmas. Loads of seeds I've had a great time sorting them and filing them.

So huge thanks go to;-

Tracey Newbie


Pinkquartet (all in alphabetical order, too although I had a swine of a job opening that parcel!)

And Chicky.

All proving what lovely people frequent this forum.

So let's not stop there. More needed yet, I have a box to fill

David, have PMd you with my address, hope you got it. Let me know here if not.



Whoooo - hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

What can I say?  You are all BRILLIANT!


Aren't they just? Now it really feels as if we're helping. I'm also saving everyone's notes to put in the box(es), as I think they would be nice for the recipients to see the sentiments expressed. I'm really touched, so I'm sure they would be, too.

Orchid Lady

It's a pleasure GJ, if I'd have known about the notes I would have made more effort and written neater.  Now I feel like those children that didn't make an effort at school that we were talking about on another thread the other day 


Don't be daft, Tracey. They won't care about your writing, and it looks fine to me, anyway! It's the thought that counts.


Gardenjeannie, I've sent you a small parcel too - not many I'm afraid, and mainly half-packets, but hope they'll add to the collection!   Should be with you in a couple of days.



Thanks, Rosie. Doesn't have to be loads, all helps. Mine are mainly half packets, too.


You are so welcome garden jeannie.Sorry you had bother opening itI had visions of seed packets bursting out all over.Just wish there was more I could do.It is heartbreaking to see the destruction.Will send some more in a few weeks.l don,t grow many seeds and they all come with the mags.



Please send me the postal address for seeds, I have some and expecting some from my Sister when she visits. Will send them together.

Artjak hope you are feeling better.


Thanks KEF - I'll send you jeannie's address... check your messages...



Thanks Rosie, got it.


Coffee time bump.  Any cakes around?