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Bump from Pongo and me.


Bump from Flossie -Flo


Bump and bark.  P XXX


Rosie, any more news about the flooded gardens? Are they starting to drain?


Artjak........I drove past Dunball the other day and the pumps were still emptying into the River Parret.

We've had several days of no rain but it will take a bit more than that for the worst part of the Levels.

I've not seen G Jeannie posting recently............I sent some seeds a week ago  (along with everyone else I think) so I hope she is not buried under a seed mountain







philippa, I just had visions of GJ unable to get out of the house, with a mountain of seed packets covering her front door.

Are these the big pumps from Holland?

Artjac...............likewise re GJ..........hope she emerges soon otherwise I can see having to get a Flying Squad to rescue her ( bags I being DI Reagan )

The pumps at Dunball were the Dutch ones.............they had a problem a few weeks ago as it became necessary to reinforce the banks to sit the pumps on...........I remember a few weeks ago, the pumps were inoperative for a while due to this.


Yes ph, I remember seeing this on BBC website. So they are still pumping away after all these weeks; it is impossible for me to visualize just how much water there is in that area. I really hope that these people can reclaim their homes and gardens soon

Artjac.......If you look at the R Parret at Bridgwater, you wouldn't think there was a problem but just that few miles further inland...........well, some of Rosie's pics say it all

There is really going to have to be some joined up thinking between the various authorities in order to try and ameliorate the flood problem......not only on the Levels but for other vulnerable areas too.

Ever thought of standing for Parliament ? Sometimes I wonder about our representatives............but I suppose we can't complain too much unless we are willing to replace for thought ?

Let's just hope we can at least bring a bit of pleasure to some of the people affected....... 

Sorry.......I should have put that on Kef's "Get it off your Chest "

Picture in today's Telegraph shows road now open in Moorland (where it says they had 8ft of water and I'm only 5 ft - doesn't bear thinking about!

Got lots of potted up plants to go whenever we get the word.


Hello all! 

Lizzie - great news on potted plants.  I think there is now an infrastructure in the flooded area ready to receive them.... our challenge is going to be transport.  I've had no luck so far in drumming up help from various national chains, but I'm not giving up!  In the meantime.... where are you?  Maybe we can use you as a test case to see if we can manage transport using members of this forum... (eg who lives near you and is planning to travel in the right direction, maybe relaying with other members?).  Yes, OK, probably too complicated but we could at least look into it!

Meanwhile I'm also beginning to thing that GJ must have drowned in a flood of seed packets!  Or possibly the fine weather has at last let her get out there into the lovely garden and do productive things.  I think we are all feeling better now the sun is shining...



My seed donation should have arrived yesterday



Lizzie, silly me, you are in Bath of course, aren't you!

Perhaps we could arrange a clever way to get your offerings to Somerset - I go back and forth along the M4 quite often so perhaps we could rendezvous at the junction if that suited you?  What do you think?



Hi Rosie31,

That's a good idea, I only live about 7 miles off the J.18 (just below the racecourse in Upper Weston) so it's easy to get to from here and I'm retired so timing is immaterial - although I don't do early mornings!

When do you have in mind? If anybody else on this thread lives near me and can drop plants in, I could probably fit them in as well. Got an old Fiesta hatchback that's well-used to transporting plants.



This is really brilliant that plants are now moving in a westerly direction

I have nothing large enough yet to be moved and planted out, but will have soon I hope.

I think I mentioned before that I have a small trailer and can help transport plants, etc.

I am west of Bridgwater and, provided I know where I'm going, I could do some donkey work if and when.


Hi, Folks. So sorry not to have been on all wk, work has been crackers, and the kids clubs, school play rehearsals and swimming later. Just been too tired and hitting my pit early.

I'm not quite swamped under a mountain of seeds, (some mixing of metaphors there, I think), but have had more. 

Thank you to

Rosie31, and thank you for the lovely card. Do you make cards, too?

Philippa smith2, some of those seeds look too pretty to sow. Are they all from your own plants?

KEF Did you go out and buy seeds specially to send?

Got your parcels this wk, now over 250 packets, and now more veg. There are seeds of plants I have never heard of! I've made a list to look them up, as I can't file them otherwise!

As I've been sowing, I have added the seeds that are left, and have sown extra of everything in hopes of plant transport. So far lots of toms, some chillies, maybe onions. Sweet peas, Lots of fuchsia cuttings, some of the giant traily ones, and and upright that I use for standards but will grow as a bush. Flower seeds will be sown soon.

Daniel said he has had a rummage around the office and will be sending them soon.

I'll keep more up to date with you all in future, even if only on this thread when I'm busy. And, HA Ha, who mentioned being out in the garden? I wish! Had one nice day last wk, then 2 this week while I was working. Today the wind shredded the polythene covers on my beds, just as they were nice and warm and waiting for seeds. Now soggy and cold again. First day of Spring