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Artjak, would be happy to help in some way or another. I didn't have much success with seed growing last year but am happy to try again  

If not, I'm sure there are other things I could help with 

Artjak, think this is a great idea

I could grow more cuttings and seedlings, and like Chicky I have easy access to the M25/M3.

I think we have a while to come up with the logistics, but the weather forecaster says better weather is on its way  (blowing a gale here at the moment though)


Ooops - thought i was being helpful. Happy to donate any surplus plants locally instead - wouldn't want to go upsetting any ecosystems ....

Stacey Docherty

Happy to donate anything I can.. Have loads of seeds and could do cuttings etc 


I think the main thing is to make sure we have surplus to our own requirements so that we can help out if and when needed.  So we're planning ahead 

Presumably it would be possible to get lists of gardening clubs in the affected areas and let them know that when they need some plants we hope that we can offer some practical help. 



What would you suggest we do Mike? I try to donate financially to the campaigns to help farmers but have little left over for healing the rest of the planet. Is there something your learned others have suggested?  Would perhaps we be best growing long term plants, slow growers, that can be sent down next year instead? When things have had time to recover?  Ground time to be prepared? Or perhaps plants that will live in pots for years to come. I'm afraid I am not terribly clever and woukd be grateful of your guidance. 

I would imagine that if a garden has been destroyed the poor owners they will be much more concerned about sorting out their houses so wont have much time at all for tending their gardens. Til then I shall look after my surplus seeds and see what longer growing plants I can find spaces for should I be able to pass them on to others in hope of raising a small smile when this awful experience is over.


I prefer the more positive approach. 

I'll be growing, if no-one is ready for what I grow, the world won't end. My feeling is that by midsummer at least some people will be happy to receive

In our individual way...even privately by pm on the forum......we maybe able to provide plant material to,help re stock effected people's gardens.  Of course there are more serious issues in the world buf this is an area where we can help mitigate losses.  

In a few weeks people will know what losses they have and they will tell the forum.  It's our unique way of providing support.  


Doubt it, in former times there were no sewerage systems in the sticks and it all went back on the garden. 

What a lovely way of putting it Verdun.

I'm wondering what to grow. Hardy perennials are what I do best. I'm a dead loss at veg, they need too much looking after (maybe that translates as 'I'm totally ignorant re veg'). But someone will have lost a garden full of perennials won't they?

I'm in total agreement with the positive bits here. It will take a least a few weeks for areas to return to normal. It takes a few weeks for cuttings to take and seeds to sprout. Was it Nutcutlet who mentioned that before there were sewage systems, nightsoil was put onto gardens.

Yes, the earth will need to be worked with care, but any help we can give, even just to add a little cheer,must be worth it.


Suburb, that got me thinking again. Something that looks nice and can stay in its pot all summer if required, but can go in the garden when it's ready. I'll do a few things like that.


Sounds good Nut, just one pot with something cheerful in can make a huge difference . Just looked around my garden, lots of pots with sad and bedraggled plants in, but shouldn't take long to tidy them up.


And just a small gift of a plant or two from a fellow gardener may lift someone's spirits and give them the energy and interest to work in their garden again 

Secret Squirrel

I could send seeds to any of you near the floods for you to grow and pass on the plants to the flood victims. Just message me with your address.

I'm sure I will have some spares when the time comes, I always grow too much! Plenty of time to work out the logistics later.

Ashamed to say I'm not good with seeds...except veg etc....but cuttings, small divisions, etc., I'm happy to make available.