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Gjeannie - take a breather and have a sit down!!!   My little package should be with you tomorrow 

Oh, and by the way,all the money that Pudsey and Children in Need raise is spent on children in the UK.  I know you'll be interested to know that very many of the children I worked with benefited hugely from Children in Need funding. 


Hi folks,  rain plus hailstones has stopped play this morning in Bath which is annoying as I was going to see if I could dig up some more plants to go on Tuesday to Rosie.

Hopefully I can run in and out later on between showers.

Rosie, I still can't PM you which is driving me nuts so will text you later with my details.


gardenj, yes, I am amazed by the response, but I shouldn't be really as the forumatti are good people. There was a little bit of negativity at the beginning but most of us kept being relentlessly positive and it seems to have worked

I'm growing 'extra' to sell to friends and at my front gate unless I hear that I should take plants down to Somerset.

Will pm you

Hi Rosie31,

Have sent you a text, so hope you have received it.

GJeannie...........I'm really sorry my seeds are giving you a hard an idiot, I didn't make a list of what I sent but I suspect I can remember most.  How are you classifying ?  I think I gave you my email address easier to do it that way?

As for the plant staging post..........I explained in a previous post about shortage of space but can take some plants for a limited time.  Provided I know where I am headed I can deliver round this area so here as and when needed.  



Woof and bump


morning bump


A very big thank you to Peter at Moat Road Nursery in Terrington St. Clements Norfolk, for donating about 200 flower pots and he is going to carry on stock-piling them for us


Hey Peter, great stuff!  Thank you!

I'm amazed - I've just loaded 60 odd plants into my car, ready to meet up with Rosie tomorrow, didn't realise I had so many to go.  I've put most of them in cardboard boxes Rosie, and if you don't have room to take them all, I am happy to take the remainder down to the Levels one day soon if you let me know where.

Look forward to meeting you tomorrow about 3 ish.


My lovely neighbours who are farmers tell me they have a shed full of flower pots if/when we need them.


Cheers Lizzie, see you tomorrow!



Thank You, Dove and Lizzie27. More seeds for the collection. I will send them off this wk, for them to get used.  

Thanks, Everyone. I am sure that they will be appreciated.

Still collecting

Philippa, I had a nice time looking them all up. Now need to get some of them to my garden, but it will have to be next yr now, when I've made some space!


Good morning and bump


Nut, ditto