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Philippa, I don't do Facebook (far too grown up for me). To bump the thread, to keep it active and therefore likely to attract responses, just come on to the thread, write the word 'bump' and submit in the normal fashion. Everyone on the forum understands that and won't think it peculiar.

I like your idea of all meeting up at the M5 junction. I'm tentatively thinking of May sometime, but you and Rosie know the conditions down there far better than I, so will bow to your judgement. What is WHY?

I can't help with loads of dosh either, as need new boiler.

Artjak...........May sounds reasonable but as always, it's going to depend on what the next couple of months bring.  Even for those like me who are not actually underwater at the moment, the water level is so high that any rain just raises the level above what you, or your garden, can deal with.  We have had a few days without too much rain and with the Dutch pumps at Dunball pumping into the River Parret, the water has dropped a little on the Levels.  Again, I think Rosie will perhaps have more first hand info on the local scene.

New Boiler.......a few quid there I guess   Sorry........WHY is just What Have You....just means anything else useful


OK, artjak and Rosie, I'll see if I can get some 'seedies' to part with a few packs. Just as long as they don't think I'm feeding my addiction! I have lots that I should part with too. It will be easier for a good cause!


I have got loads of free packets of seeds from magazines from the last couple of years which I would gladly send if they would be of use.Just let me know when to send and where to.



Bumpity bump bump 


Hands, knees and bumpsie daisy 


And . . . . . . . . *drum roll please* . . . . . . .  bump 

Hi  just to keep in the thread think its great everyone's  willing to help but  I've always said gardeners are generous people and if the Gardeners world show in June respond     even better


Thanks to all our bumpers!



UPDATE - things are moving on.  We've got local volunteers in Somerset offering space to store baby plants (polytunnels, corners of greenhouses etc) and there will be volunteers to help plant. 

I'm still working on finding a solution to transporting plants - but in the spirit of optimism let's assume that an answer will be found!

So...if anyone is planting up seed-trays, please think about doing a few extra to grow on, to help restock flooded gardens.  Even better if you are able to offer any young shrubs / roses (but I know that is highly unlikely).

The is a facebook page for those of you who use it, called 'Community Blooms' - you can keep track of progress there, and add ideas!

Thanks everyone - let's all stay in touch!



And hello Philippa!  Thanks for the offer of local help to move things around when the time comes - that might well be really useful.


Hello're more than welcome..............I'll keep an eye on this thread



I've a few roses that we were thinking of digging up (they're in a very strange place so we're not sure if it really works or not) that I'm leaving in the ground til I know if they'll be of any use to anyone (also could do with growing them to see what colours they are as its our first year here!) I'll also be keeping an eye on the bins at the garden centres when I go to see if any slower growing plants they have inadvertently over watered can be brought cheaply and saved.



Clarington, that is a great idea about nearly dead plants, esp. at B&Q (they don't seem to know about water there)

I am trying to work out how I can make a primitive 'tray' or shelf to go in the Vauxhall Astra, to take more trays of small pots on a second tier, without squashing the first layer.

I've got quite a few Verbena Bonariensis in fair sized pots



Clarington, yes please to the roses, thank you!  Where are you?

Thanks artjak and everyone...