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It is, I know, far too early yet but could we create a seed/plant gift for people whose gardens have been flooded for weeks and whose plants have died?

I know I would be pretty heartbroken if my garden was under water for weeks and I don't suppose that the Insurance Companies pay out for plants.

Has anyone any ideas as to how this could be implemented?

Hiya Artjak,

Funny that cos I was thinking same thing.  Not sure I have lost much if anything except possibly a dahlia may have rotted in such pronged wet weather but I know many will lose a lot.  

If we can help in some way here ....cuttings, small divisions, etc....I would support that 


I am thinking of taking cuttings/ potting on spare seedlings, collecting from others and then driving over to Somerset when the gardens have dried out. Anyone else up for it?


If I can help in anyway when the time comes I'd very much like too.

Can help provide plant material for  those on the forum suffering losses.  



psssst wanna buy some sandbags . great idea   guys 


Great idea - not sure what I've got to share as this is such a new garden, but I'll help if I can 


Can't commit to delivering to Somerset but will help in any way I can. I will keep my eye on this thread & put my thinking cap on.


Artjak, what a great idea, what a lovely person you must be.

Wish I could help, but not very practical living where I live, France.


Er, actually B-L I'm not a particularly 'lovely' person, (have always wanted to be nicer than I am) just v. practical.

I think if people could start thinking now about sowing more seeds than they need, doing cuttings etc. then we need some way of contacting people in the worst flooded areas...are there any forumatti badly affected? They would know keen gardeners in their area who have suffered major damage.

I am quite happy to do a day or 2 drive in a month or 2, collecting seedlings and plants and delivering them to where they are needed.

I think this could work.


Bump, 'cos it's important.

Busy...but I'm a lovely,person too cos I agreed with Artjak 


What a lovely thought.  I suppose it'll be the last thing on their minds at present, but I've been thinking about peoples' gardens too.  I'd love to help, but I'm in the Highlands of Scotland so perhaps a bit difficult to get plants or seedlings to where they're needed.

If we could join together and supply small plants individually we could help re stock affected gardens


I will make sure i grow on more seedlings than i need - happy to meet at a service station or something to get them on their way  (i have easy access to M3 and M25, which must be on the way to somewhere).  I have already got my seeds so there will hopefully be lupins, delphs, agastache and rudbeckias going spare later in the year, plus surplus lavender ( although that won't like soggy soil !!).  Happy for you to PM me as a reminder nearer the time Artjak



Even forumatti who live far away could donate the remainders of seed packets.

Chicky, thank you, and verdun and polyanthus. Who do we know who is in the affected areas?

Though I suppose that they may not be online if their house is under water.


I've usually got some spare plants around and I can always make more. I wonder how we can find out what gardeners will need. 

Have we forum members in the flood area? If we have, they're probably not in a position to respond at the moment. Members in or around the flood area could perhaps update us when the time is right. For now, I'll get growing.

I wonder what the time scale is here. Forecasters are talking about a change coming but it will take a while to get back to normal


Nut, I'm thinking of 2/3 months time, thank you for responding

I'm hoping that other members know people who have suffered from the flooding, OR we find a way to help gardeners who aren't necessarily members of the forum.