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We're opening our garden in 10 days for the village flower festival and I just managed to tip a tin of paint over my lawn.

Mopped most of it up, but obviously there's now a large stain.  Although I'm sure I can wait for the grass to grow out and chop it off, what about the soil below?  The surface is covered in Cuprinol Garden Shades in Willow .  Will it kill it off completely?  I'm assuming turps isn't a good idea.....

No..don't use turps.

I would hose it as thorougly as possible.....I think your Cuprinol is water based...and ASAP.

If the grass isn't gelled or matted together after your,hosing I would water with lawn tonic food.  Not too much but enough to encourage some greening and growth

Lindsay, that's just the sort of thing I do.....I am accident prone.  Spilled a whole can of ceiling paint over a bed....I was staining on to paint and the carpet.  So, you aren't so bad! 


I think - not the the Turps.....

Look at the label on the tin - is it a waterbased stain (ie can you clean out brushes in water - ie not using solvent)?

If so, I would flood the whole thing with loads of water NOW (several bucketfulls and then keep the hose running on it for ages) to dilute the paint. You might get away with it!

Only thing to watch with this advice is to flood it slowly - so you have don't have stream of dilute paint running into your borders etc. Also be careful if there's a pond nearby - don't let any get in there.

Good luck.



Thank you so much both!  You saved my skin, have been out there hosing it down (thankfully not near any borders or ponds) and it's worked.

I do wonder at my own stupidity though - I was stood lamenting my clumsiness as I washed out the paintbrush under the tap - why on earth didn't I think of hosing it down??


We've all been there ....

Good luck with the Open Garden day



Yeah, have fun on your open day

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