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Beaus Mum

I was going to ask should I get rid of pond as it has gone dank and horrid! But when I went to post picture I remembered how lovely it looked in the summer! So now I'm thinking please advise best way of cleaning all the sludge out.  It doesnt have fish in it but has a lot of lillies and grasses at the edge.

any advise much appreciated thank you 



My pond water changes appearance with the weather. At the moment it's fairly cloudy. Two weeks ago it was crystal clear. Wait and see what happens with the longer days.

Beaus Mum

Thank you pansy face for getting back to me so quickly  I like the idea of waiting and seeing  I may have been a bit hasty as today I started raking out the sludge and left on the sides in case of wild life and now it's worse then ever! And stinks! I'll leave it be then in case I do more harm!



The stink is rotting leaves probably - could you net it next autumn to keep most of them out?  Depends where and how large the pond is of course. 


Yes, stinking smells are a sign of rotting vegetation. If you don't stir it up I find it generally doesn't pong.


Beaus Mum

I think you're right bookertoo.  its almost a year to the day that we moved here and last year we did nothing with it and think the lily leaves from the year before are in there and last years too at least.  Didn't notice leaves from trees being a problem. The pond isn't very big and is very shallow one side and think about three feet deep the other. Do you know the best way getting the sludge out? Shall I drain the pond and do it that way?


Ponds go through various stages decline and refreshment as light and temperatures change throughout the year. It will smell if you dredge up the silt at the bottom of the pond. Raking some of it out now will do no harm, and after leaving it for 24-48hrs you can spread it on any beds you have. It's pretty rich stuff and breaks down very quickly. Look at it as free fertiliser. Another few weeks and it'll come to life again.

Beaus Mum

Couple of pics from summer so you get rough idea of size 



Beaus Mum

Oh I missed your posts whilst waiting for pics to load! Oops too late pansy that's why it stinks then and fingers crosses David I can leave couple of weeks and do as you say and spread it  thank you all 

Do you have frogs or other wildlife? If you do, this is the worst possible time to clear out the pond as you will destroy both spawn and hibernating creatures.

It is so lovely in the summer don't think of doing away with it.  

Perfect for wildlife....I envy you.

Beaus Mum

Only had one or two frogs last year but had I think newts.  I promise welshonion I will not take out anymore sludge. 

Thank you esspee 

this little fella was from last year when we were clearing out green slime!



You've inherited a lovely pond BM 

I'd just watch for any foliage dropping in and make sure you remove it. Netting in autumn is the easiest way if there are overhanging or nearby deciduous trees/shrubs, but the water lilies will have quite a lot of foliage so you might have to just get in there in autumn and take the dead foliage out to reduce the amount of build up. If there are lots of marginal plants, just gather up all the dying foliage from them as you see it. It's inevitable you'll get a bit of foliage dropping into the depths though 

Beaus Mum

Hi fairy girl 

I'm gonna cut back all the grasses today and grab the lilly leaves I can reach and maybe invest in some of those fisherman waders to get the rest 

thank you for the advise and nice to see you x



I have frogs hibernating under the sludge in mine so be very careful how you pull it out, personally I would wait until everything wakes up. Any slimey blanket weed can be twiddled out with a stick.


Beaus Mum

I hope I haven't disturbed any frogs bless em 

been out there again today and just cut back the dead grasses, I won't touch anymore sludge.

Coffee break now  lovely day but cold 

Beaus yes you can leave it, however the sooner you spread it the sooner it'll break down. If you leave itll go quite hard, best done asap. Lovely pond by the way.

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