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Jean Genie

I agree with RM83 - We had our cavity walls beaded a couple of weeks ago and I've found some of them in various places. They do look very similar.

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They look a bit like slug/snail eggs but those are usually white in small numbers and hidden-did this suddenly appear overnight?

Are you sure they are eggs-what happens when you squeeze one and how big are they?-the picture might be deceiving?

They look NOTHING like snail or slug eggs. Slug eggs are much, much smaller, yellowish tinge and clear. The pic is large, solid silver man-made things.

I did say a bit like,a different colour,usually hidden and the picture might be deceiving,how big are they and what happens when you squeeze one-so sorry- but dont get the point your making???

Dude, they look nothing like slug eggs, there is no comparison. Nothing wrong in being wrong but do not post stupid answers that do not help and make people question your knowledge.

Why so confrontational?-had a bad day?


RM83 wrote (see)

You or a neighbour haven't had any cavity wall insualtion put in recently? Those look exactly like the stuff they used in my house and it wound up all over the garden

Well done RM83 mystery solved...It's called silver bead insulation!


That's good. I'd started worrying about aliens

Happy to be of service!


Thanks RM83, I had started to think there was no answer. Not sure which neighbour they have blown away from but this does seem like the most likely cause as lots of cavity walls have been done on the road recently.


Hello all,

This isn't a joke for me! I think I have it too!

What is it, does anyone know? This is the second time it's appeared. It was in the same place last time and disappeared by itself. Much bigger and darker than snail/slug eggs and in the open - totally the wrong place for snail/slug eggs. Any advice gratefully received!!!

P.S. the houses on my road are too old for cavities in the wall...

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You could use them to make a nice necklace :)



I think it's Slime Mould. RHS suggest it can be dissolved by watering.  2nd attempt to post this

Thanks all. I have also heard it is Tar Jelly Lichen which looks most likely.

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