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I wonder if there is someone out there that could help identify a rouge plant that has appeared out of knowhere in our borders and is slowly taking it over.

We live in the North West of the UK, and the photo's were taken this morning. The leaf type doesn't match any plant or tree in our garden or our neighbours. We do live on the edge of an ex coaliary (closed in 1992) and a railway line if it helps. If anyone knows what this plant is and how we can get rid of it that would be fab





this might help with the pictures

if you right click on the image and select copy image location you can post that into your browser  trouble is it is resized, however strip the ?width=204&height=350 and you get to view the image at its full size

handy to know isn't it

 actually  even easier is right click select view image and then just trim off ?width=204&height=350 and reload the page.


Thanks blackest

A very fine crop of ground elder I see now

Much sympathy for you, it's ground elder.  I have loads and loads of the bloomin stuff 

If you want rid, you have to dig it out.  It's awful stuff. My summer is going to be spent digging it out of our garden 


I inherited ground elder over half the garden but continye to cut it pull it and dig it out and you will win!


Ok Ramsey dog , we get the message. You work for Agrigem.

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