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I have recently taken up photographing flowers around my home and work..
I am wanting to be able to tag the types of flowers in their metadata for my photolibrary.. however some I am unsure of.

I have labelled the ones I know, but have posted below the ones I am unsure of.
I could have spent hours browsing the net for each of them.. but it would be easier just to post them here and if anybody knows what they are, would be great if they could let me know..


Thanks in advance








B,C and D look like gazanias. Could A be the pink bracts of a Bouganvillea? E is so pretty, I would love to know what it is.


A looks like a Poppy, but not sure.

E could well be an Iris ensata type, but again there are a lot of Irids with that petal formation.

Wow two speedy replies.
Googled the names given, compared them to the flowers.
Can close this thread now

Thanks Busy-Lizzie, ABCD were all correct
Thanks Bergill E was a Iris ensata

And Busy-Lizzie.. yes the Iris ensata is lovely, had a whole garden full of them come up just over the last couple of days.. well timed for the purchase of my new camera

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