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*sobs*  I think I am more novice than I realised. Thanks to everybody for the information, it's really, really appreciated.

And I've made a note not to buy any plants that aren't labelled in future.  


Do continue to buy plants that are not labelled, you can get some wonderful bargains and a few surprises, usually pleasant - and alot of fun finding out what they are!!  My local hardware store that sells plants often has dead or dying plants for a few pence, the staff know me well enough to tell me when that area has been replenished - many have died but I have had a few treasures for next to nothing, some without labels.  A now large corkscrew hazel for 50p., large pot of deep orange crocosmia (not as dark as Lucifer) for 20p.,  plus several others.  However, maybe beware of anything that looks as if it might become a tree unless you have a large area to plant .............

Hi Bonnie

Plant 2 looks very much like Dizigotheca elegantissima, also known as Aralia elegantissima, and it's definitely an indoor plant! It tends to be fussy too - hates waterlogging but will drop it's leaves if it gets too dry, and is a martyr to red spider mite and scale insect. Not that I want to put you off, as it's a lovely plant! When it gets big, the leaves are coarser and less interesting, but I can guarantee you won't get that far. If it starts looking tatty or infested, you can cut it hard back and it will reshoot. It would probably be healthier outdoors in summer and certainly less pest-prone, but definitely not hardy.

I agree with the others that plant 1 looks like a Hellebore. Plant 3 looks like lots of plants!


Bonnie - my final thought on your plants are

1 - Peperomia of some sort

2 - Aralia  or Dizygothica

3 - Kentia palm

Pam x

p.s please don't stop buying bargain plants

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