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Freebie Queen


Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my Dads magnolia. It was planted this spring and was doing well. It lookes really good until the recent cold weather. Is this just suffering from the cold or is there something wrong with it. It looks pretty much like my roses, which always look like this before the leaves drop off. Ideas greatfuly recieved.

Many thanks





Which one is it? Many of them are deciduous so the leaves should be falling off about now.


Black Tulip is deciduous and hardy.


There you are then, normal behaviour for a deciduous tree.


Rose lady


 Hi. Could someone tell me what wrong with my Magnolia too please. It was planted two month ago. Its a Soulangiana. I planted it with microrizzal fungi, and compost from the garden centre. Watered it every day. Its planted in my front garden, which is north east facing. Please help!

Alina W

It's another deciduous plant that should be losing its leaves about now. You can also stop watering - over the next four months it will only need watering if the soil is visibly dry and powdery on the surface.


I have just gone out deliberately to look at my magnolia-it looks just like the condition of the second picture-not concerned at all-time of year-relax.

Rose lady

THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! signing very happy woman

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