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Could anyone tell my what this plant is called? I saw it on a trip to oxford last year. All I know is that it's a shrub. Thanks.



Looks like a spirea but difficult to be sure without seeing the leaf as well.


I'd say that was Clerodendrum bungei... it flowers in late summer, presumably that's when you took the photo last year...??


I'll go with Salino. If you have a photo of the whole plant it would confirm (or not)


Yes, I agree with Salino and nutcutlet. Looks identical to the picture in my RHS book.


Thank you to everyone who replied and helped me find the name of the plant. This is the only picture I have and it was taken at the end of August last year. Have now ordered a Clerodendrum Bungei for my garden.


This is not 101% hardy Nikki so be prepared to give it some protection in the first winter.

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