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Hi all

I need your help?

I have an area say 5ft x 15ft with a big tree in dead centre (basically to hide the neighbours to be honest) which is shading all underneath it, and making all the ground VERY crisp and dry.

I have to soak it every night due to hit not holding water.

anyone have any good ideas of how I can get the area to stay moist.

Hi Nick

Soak it for a few hours, just run the hose on it, with a reasonable trickle but not too strong, let it puddle, then mulch thickly, use what ever you like, i usually choose well rotted farmyard manure, but pebbles, compost, cardboard etc will do the trick

What have you got planted underneath? It may be worth your time to howk it all out and plant with plants that will cope with the conditions. Neither you nor the plants can be happy if you have to water them every night just to cling on to life!!

Bark or wood will work too, anything to stop evaporation

I agree with hogweed, but is it a new tree? its not been the easiest year for keeping things like thirsty trees going, any new tree will need alot of watering



What is under the tree, is it in the middle of a lawn or is it like mine where its in a lawn but the tree has a circle of bricks and then filled in with pebbles, my trees have taken a lot of watering even with the compost and thick layer of pebbles but these have helped to retain water.

 mine is it like yours where its in a lawn but the tree has a circle of bricks

Is there a gap between the bricks and the tree? If there is then as I said I found that making sure plenty of gravel is layered ontop of the soil and this has really helped keeping the moisture in, we have a south facing back garden which bakes so we put plenty of water at the base of the trees once the sun has gone down using a sprinkler and this really does help, also under one of the trees we have got gravel and alpines growing forming a mat of foliage and this also keeps the moisture in epecially after a good soaking.

Hope this helps.

did you put a cover of weed proof matting underneath?


Are you able to rig up water butts from roof/downpipe? If so, you could try collecting rain water then using irrigation hoses to trickle out?

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