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Verdun wrote (see)

Is that a vine weevil there Lyn ?  Look at the bottom right near the left side.    

It wouldnt dare!!!.

Wow Lyn, all looks fantastic! Makes me very excited for summer!


Thank you Catie, I too look forward to the spring and summer. Everything budding with promise of flowers later.

Steve 309

I've kept a dozen or so going in pots in an unheated greenhouse all winter, having dug them up in the autumn.  Very little water; some are still looking healthy (but not as good as those in your pic!) and have been flowering almost continuously and some appear to be dead.  But one of the latter has just produced a couple of baby leaves so I'm leaving them all to see what develops.  Virtually no frost here so not too surprising really.

I cut mine back and placed in a greenhouse. They look dead. Hopefully I can bring them back to life! 


i store mine bareroot in paper bags in a dark. cool, space next to the basement stairs. after 4 mos. completely dry i replanted them a few weeks ago and all are growing. had to put them in the greenhouse because the last few nights have been coolish. ivy geraniums need more care. this is how they looked on potting day. da 

potted into damp mix then not watered until new leaf sprout. 

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