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I have no idea if im even doing this right as I have never done this before. I need some advice on some land I have just purchased which I am clearing.

This land is alongside my house and has been over grown with brambles and big green ferns for many years. Last year I was sick of the way it looked so I purchased this land and cut it all back.

However..... All the green ferns have grown back and Im not sure how to get rid of them for good. Is it something Im going to have to put up with? Or is there a way of stopping them from growing back? i.e. weedkiller.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


How big is the area? Is it fenced?

hollie hock

Can I ask what you plan to use the land for?


Never cut all,when not a new plan exist. But maybe you have a pic, then any forum-members will give you an idea. Some crops you can save, or move, or...What idea is YOUR? Mixed garden, flower, vegies, stone garden, raised bed? organic greetings, ThaiGer.


flowering rose

you need pigs to root it up,the bracken that is,depending on how big an area we are talking about,and a friendly farmer to loan you a couple.,or its a dig it out effort,weedkiller no! Be Careful as bracken often hides ticks which if they attach to you will give limes disease.


Andrew, you don't say what kind of 'ferns'.  Are you talking about bracken or ferns which grow in clumps?  You will never get rid of bracken by digging.  Chemical control is feasible or cutting down until it weakens, which will take a long time.  

Most of us do not live where the application of pigs is recommended!

Brambles can be dug out; it is the best method.  Hard work but effective.

Take care not to try and tackle too big an area at once or you will become dispirited.  Start on a small area and get that up and growing before you expand.

Right this is the third time I have tried replying to the posts however my last two have not shown up for some reason. I hope this works!!

Thank you all for your replys!

Mogsby - The area is around 40 meters by 10 meters and yes it is fenced off.

Hollie Hock - I eventually plan to have a vegetable patch and grass part of it. I also plan to have a hard standing area for a glasshouse and a patio set.

Ladybird4 - Actually this is the second time I have cut everything back and yes it has all grown back. Your right. Other than soak it all with some sort of weedkiller im lost for things and ways to stop it from growing back all the time. Possibly I have to did the roots out, but how deep am I going to have to dig.

Nutcutlet - What is Glyphosate?

Flowering rose - Im afraid pigs are not a feasible option for me. But I may have to dig up the roots.

Welshonion - The ferns I have do not grow in clumps they look like plants in their own right. They grow on their own and have singular stems which grow up to about 4 feet tall. The reason I call them ferns are because the leaves at the top look like big fern leaves. The only leaves that grow are right at the top and then all you have is a long stem with nothing else growing. These die back every winter however they grow back every spring/summer. The brambles I can deal with because they only take up around 5 percent of the area.

Excuse my ignorance but what is bracken?

Thank you all for your replies. If you need any more info please let me know.



Hi Andrew

Glyphosate is a weedkiller that kills roots as well as leaves. Some weeds still need more than one application. You put it on when the leaves are growing well. Don't be tempted to put it on regrowth too soon, give it some good growth to work on. There may be more modern weedkillers than glyphosate, maybe more efficient, have a look on the shelves in the garden centre

Brambles and bracken (I should think that's what it is) are quite determined weeds and won't give up easily. It would be worth allocating time to get rid of it all before you start gardening it.


Some photos of the plants would help.

You could set yourself small goals; dig out the roots in 2 sq. metres per week for example and then cover that bit of ground with black plastic to stop anything from growing. I don't know where this land is, you may find ground is too hard at the moment, possibly wait till spring?


hello Andrew, I found a simple garden plan. If downloaded this plan,you can see all the species name of plants, it's interesting...and only for give you some inspirations...funny to look at them. organinc greetings,ThaiGer. "Good garden"

"To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is understanding."(Confucius) ,(

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