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i have built a 5 x 3 brick container which i have left holes in for planting up what are the best flowers/plants for this


This depends on whether your looking for colourful summer annuals, all year interest or low maintenance :P


We need to know a bit more about it Trevm - which way does it face, is it in the sun or shade, how deep is it and what sort of drainage does it have.  Could you post a photo of it on here to give us a bit more idea 

5 X3 what?? inches? feet? yards?? how high...................

You are not giving much info here


Valerie J

Do you mean you have left spaces in the brickwork in which you can put plants, rather like people insert plants in the side of a hanging basket?   I don't know what kind of soil you have inside the brick container but my immediate thought was alpines as alpines happily grow in dry stone walling and between rocks.  It also depends on drainage and whether your container gets a lot of sun, partial sun, no sun at all. 


come on trev

we are otching to make suggestions here but need  to know what you would like, how sunny it is, how sheltered and yes, is it 5' x 3'?

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