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I have inherited an old neglected potted Camelia and would very much like to help it recover. I will be repotting it as I know that it is not suited to my chalky soil. I have never grown a Camelia before and would appreciate any advice regarding positioning, when to feed, etc.Thankyou

If you're potting it up, buy some ericaceous compost as camellias are acid-loving and will benefit from it. I buy Lemington's cos I think it's good quality. I have a camellia in a pot (a huge pot by now) that I 'rescued' from Woolworths for 50p years ago n it still flowers v well. In a few weeks start using an acid feed when you water it as well n your camellia should thrive. Good luck!!


You can cut some back a little if you need to re-shape it. Don't leave that though, do it as soon as possible - as it will start to develop flower buds in July onwards.

A secret is not to let it dry out from late July onwards -water every day if necessary- even in soil

Feed once a week with ericaceous feed. I bought mine from Wilkinsons much cheaper than the more commercial ones.

I agree about Levingtons ericaceous compost, it does have some feed in it (little blue bits)

They prefer part shade/ light shade

Any other questions please come back, only to willing to help. Love them. My OH calls them winter roses 


I forgot to say - only use rain water when watering/feeding

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