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I will probably be in the wrong place but I will get the hang of it. Please have patience until learn to navigate this forum.

Planted swede seed. They're doing fine but some of them have gone to seed.

whats the next step and how did this happen???


Hi Heather and welcome 

When did you sow the seed?  I've a feeling that if they've bolted you probably sowed the seed too early.  Whereabouts do you live?  The usual time to sow swede is mid May to mid June, the further south you are the later you sow, as swede need the cooler autumn weather to grow - I think the warm spell we've just had has made them run to seed.

I'd have another go and sow some seed now 


In my opinion swedes are better left to the professionals, that is farmers.  They grow ever so much better in a field.

They are cheap as chips to buy, why grow them?  Save your energy for valuable crops that are difficult to get in the shops/supermarkets.

I've always had a notion to grow swede actually. Good to know about the late sowing down south. 

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