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I've had a disaster of epic proportion.

7 yr old has pushed 3 yr old into the monbretia. They are now completely flatten in the middle. What can I do?  With they still flower?    Would supporting them help? 

Sorry for being such a drama queen, but I totally gutted the foliage was looking perfect and so uniformed, I knew they were going to be just stunning this year.  

If not actually broken, you could support with sticks and string until they pick up again.

If they are actually broken, you may have lost the flowers this year but you will still have them for next year.  Not much consolation I know but ...............


I think they flower for a long period so maybe you've only lost the first lot of flowers. Mine haven't even started to show any flowering just plenty of foliage  As PS2 says they will be back next year even if the worst has happened.


We had a dog (collie-cross) who loved to roll in the montbretia on hot sunny days to cool off!  It always recovered and I have tried to move it and still the leaves persist. I know it's crocosmia now but I bet it's still as tough


Actually we should ask if the 3 year old is OK  I presume so


Shrinking Violet

I have always found them to be very robust.  I would sort of comb them through my fingers (if that makes sense) to lift the leaves a bit, and insert twiggy supports in between.  The leaves would then have a chance of being more upright, and the flowers would also have a bit of support. 

Hope that helps!


Thanks guys, I'm over the initial shock now 2 glasses of wine helped

So pleased to hear that they are tough. I've thought about putting canes and string, but worried that I will damage the plants around the flattened ones. I think it may be good to just to leave them and hope for the best. Thankfully its a tad early for the flowers and perhaps even if the foliage is damaged they will recover enough to flower.  

 P.S. The 3 yr old is fine he can give as good as he gets, even he had to admit it was a rather good rugby tackle.  

Thanks again. x 


Shrinking Violet, I immediately combed them through whilst saying "there, there".  


Lol! Just read the thread From start

LesleyK wrote (see)

Actually we should ask if the 3 year old is OK  I presume so

Shrinking violet:

i have always found them very robust.

 Still laughing 

Shrinking Violet

Supernoodle - I had to think about that for a minute or two - and then realised the unfortunate juxtaposition of my post with the one immediately before it!   

I wish I could lay claim to having planned it as a joke! 

Montbretia or crocosmia Caral?

Did you buy them or did they just invade your garden?  Orange? Red? Yellow?

Montbretia are real toughies.  I would cut off those broken stems....wait a few days to see which ones recover.  Lots of time for them to flower.

Crocosmias are a little different.  They flower for,shorter time and more likely to need tme to recover.  But same treatment.  However, all summer to come....not the worst time of year for such a mishap. 

I echo what Verdun says 

cut back the damaged growth and possible give then a good soluable feed and they should bounce back

Tought little plants


Verdun you're teaching me again.  I thought montbretia had it'd name changed to crocosmia.  At least I will know next time


Thank you Verdun and Steve, I will do that tomorrow. Phew! what a relief that they will will recover. They are in their 3th year now so were just coming into their own. There are Crocosmia Lucifer at the back and the slightly smaller Montbretia Babylon in the front. I think Babylon is a cross -crocosmia × crocosmiiflora -.not that that means much to me I call them Montbretia.  


My crocrosmia have been sat on by my 1 and a half year old daughter. Two have snapped. Will they grow back? It's their first year


Gareth, cut off any broken shoots, clear away anything not healthy and intact.  Crocosmias are tough.... Give a little feed and water if dry. 

Verdun wrote (see)

... Give a little feed and water if dry. 

That's the crocosmias, not the daughter.  You can feed her but don't water - if she's dry that's good - particularly at that age

Hahaha thanks guys! I was gutted seeing two of them snapped. One got away. Will they grow back and flower this year? I'll give them miracle grow at the weekend as I only watere them yesterday. It's lucky she's so cute. Couldn't be angry with her if I tried!

I did a bit of research re Crocosmia and Montbretia and everything I read concluded that they were the same. 

Yvie, research is great, isnt it?  montbretia grows invasively down here.  We think of montbretia as the wild orange flowerers that, once established in our gardens, are so, so difficult to remove.  Crocosmia we accept as the cultivated forms, Lucifer, for example.  You would not plant montbretia in your garden.  You would choose to plant crocosmia. Crocosmias still have a lot of vigour, can even be a little invasive too under the right conditions

send off for montbretia on line and do the same with will soon see the difference in real life yvie