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I'm fairly new to the world of chilli growing. My jalape??o plant seems to have developed a leaf problem. The lower leaves are mottled whitish, some with small holes in and some are slightly deformed. Is there anything I can do?

Are there any little bugs on the underside of the leaves?

One or two tiny whitish bugs. Squished them!


They will most likely have caused the problem then, more will appear, just be vigilant with the bugs.

On the note fo the plant, it looks very small and most of mine have already gone past there best, assuming your in the uk? i guess you started them very late?

Yes didn't start them until July so they're only a few months old.


Need bigger pots up to a max of 12 inches across

try some in 12 inches and some in slightly smaller to learn which are best

I had aphids all over the back of my leaves so i squashed them or brushed off with a small pastry brush...they drop onto the soil

could try a mild soapy water from a spray but too strong will make the leaves drop off

You could leave them by an open window and see if you get some insects in to eat them

Water sparringly..................this is my first advice so im chuffed i now know something after 2 years  !!!


also if you find a leaf folded over and stuck together it may be a caterpiller hatching so you will need to know if its a friend or foe to the aphids.....i dont know

Stacey Docherty

Chillies grown indoors often attract whitefly and other pests. You can buy some sticks that deter whitefly and give your plants nutrients. They leaves still look healthy it should t affect the plant but be vigilant.... 

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