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Crispian St Peters-10 points

Caz W

Gold Star Geoff.  Pity we don't have sound - we could play Name that Tune


There is a bidens Gold Star-that might be the mystery plant


This plant seems to be prevalent in my garden-need help with identification-can anyone help?-and it seems to be spreading



sotongeoff, your pic reminds me of some clients years ago; I was doing paint effects in their house and they made it very clear that nothing could be green as they percieved it as an 'unlucky' colour. 'But what about your lawn?' I said. They instantly changed the subject.



I expect, after all that, Miss Green Fingers will have been frightened off!! Miss Green Fingers, if that is so, you could try posting again with a different name. But this is a friendly forum, we won't be cross, but we would have loved to have known what plant it was.


sorry, my English is not perfect,--so nothing I understand about you wrote!? It's a joke, or?

On the "help" tread I make wrong to set the file correct,and in the morning I can't clear, because your server was not available. However, the talk above I no understand..., ThaiGer.


"To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is understanding."(Confucius)



All of this thread is not to be taken seriously

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