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To be honest when I first saw it I thought of Jasminum beesianum or stephanense but don't think they are evergreen...
Could it be clematis vitalba aka traveller's joy and old man's beard? A vigorous climber, evergreen and the immature leaves are different to the mature leaves. The stem does get woody as it twines.
If not a C.vitalba it could be a Lonicera x tellmaniana?

But it's never been seen to flower, and the stems are very green - no tinge of red 

Gelsemiaceae are vines with opposite leaves but not native to UK. Is this a vine that doesn't flower because of the growing conditions perhaps. Just suggestions.


Gardening Grandma

Tentative suggestion - actinidia arguta, the hardy kiwi? It needs quite a long period pof sunshine to produce fruit I think, so maybe isn't doing so. I think it spreads by underground runner.

Gardening Grandma

having looked further into that one, it wasn't a good suggestion.

It does appear to be some type of Fallopia although not one of the more commonly grown ones (Russian vine)

I wondered whether is was a Passion Flower!!!

Just looked at your picture of old stems, they look like my old stems on my Honeysuckle L.periclymenum, but leaves are smaller on mine.

Many many thanks for all the suggestions. Sorry I was busy recently and could not check the emails nor posts recently.

I have never seen it with flowers. It is evergreen. Grows very rapidly. It is climber. Older stems are hardy and seen twisting around the other trees. I can see new shoots sprouting from the ground around. I will take some photos and post it.

cut a peice off & take it to your local garden centre they will tell you what it is

scrolling through looking for something else - did you ever find out what the monster climber was ?

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