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Hi Rosie. Good management is to aim for 4 to 6 fruit per plant. Let the laterals continue and leave side shoots. Feed tomato food as you would tomatoes but, most importantly of all is to encourage pollinating insects. If they don't arrive you must pollinate by hand. Water profusely.  Sounds like you are doing well. Congratulations.


Well, I'm wondering how Jennifer, Steve and Rosie's melons are progressing.

This year I have not had a lot of time so it's been only a feed every seven days with tomato food and daily watering in the morning.I have checked for melons today and have 4 decent melons on each plant.they are heavy but the stalks are strong .I have never pollinated but left them to do there own thing. I don't use any sort of bags now as the first time the fruits rotted  but I start them off with plenty of thick canes or tied several canes together. .

With this year being a success with very little attention given I had thought of  experimenting ,knocking  up a  type of trellis out of latts  for next year .

Mel M

I have grown Minnesota Midget outside (Cornwall) 4 plants-8 mtr hooped cloche. 40 melons, 12 harvested so far. I also have 3 Pettit Gris de Rennes climbing in my 3mtr poly tunnel. 12 melon only but they are looking good. I use 'Value' dish cloths to hold my indoor melons. Nice loose weave so breathable. Fold to make an envelope, fix suitable length of thin garden wire to two top corners, snuggle around melon when quite small then fix wire to the support they are climbing up. I should mention that these dish cloths are only suitable for smaller melon. 

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