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Have tried growing melons for the first time, but really dont know how to support them.They are in the greenhouse in pots at the mo. Have had several suggestions but they are too rude to repeat. Mum did suggets to using my old bras, nows there a thought. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks sotongeoff think they maight work better than bras as i dont know what cup size melons will get to. At the moment plants are in largish pots with 3 canes around and plants growing up.


I use hairnets. They expand to suit the size of the fruit. Found the cheapest in Wilko's

What not to use are the nets that I was given which came with the caterers packs of dried peas. My sister thought these would work , I tried them and my fruit rotted - they could not breath me thinks .The hairnets idea sounds good I am trying that this year!


jennifer keeler

Hi this is the first time I've tried to grow melons, the trouble is the first two I bought have died, I don't want this one to, is there something I should know what am i doing wrong?


I'm trying for the first time too - but mine are only two inches high, just a couple of true leaves!  Feeling that perhaps I left it too long before sowing... but maybe they'll catch up.  Will watch this thread with interest and start saving my old tights. 


 Here are my melons and cuc's in compost in the windowsill 15.04.14. Kept moist, planting in compost in pots in greenhouse in about 10 days, say, the last week of May. Feed from mid June. (Toms in background, leeks foreground) I keep them covered in clingfilm till germination. Melon main shoot nipped out at 18" and two lower shoots trained up wires at 45 degrees. Bags of water as adult plants. Encourage pollinaters, I grow a Marigold in the greenhouse. These are Emir Cantaloupes.







 This is one of last years efforts and I found it a poor year. Jennifer, I suggest you keep yours indoors and warm for a while and Rosie's will catch up. I don't know your location but I grow in Derby's if thats of any relevence. Hairnets will allow more air around the fruit than tights incidentally..One final thing, I only aim for 2 or 3 fruit per shoot, i.e. 4 to 6 per plant.

By the way, I lied in the above post. The photo was mad e today, 15.05.2014. Oops, sorry


Colin, you have made me very happy, my plants look just like yours!

Very excited now about my first year melon crop (cross fingers...)


Cool Rosie.. My first year was a disaster but I learnt and persevered. My methods are self devised so, a more experienced grower may disagree but it works for me. If you get fruit you will know when to pick. It's when the space they grow in is full of the aroma of melon. My thumbnail is an Emir Canteloupe with about a month to go and is actually the cut one in the pic above'



 Melons have been in the greenhouse for 4 days. Now 14" high. I have decided to let them reach 3 feet high before I nip out the main shoot. Then, I will train 2 lower side shoots up the stringers I have tied to the neck of the pots. Hope this helps. As I have said, it has worked for me.

Steve 309

Support for the fruits: I used the nets that you buy oranges in last year and it seemed to work.  I've been collecting them all winter in the hope of achieving more than the three fruits produced last year.  They were delicious though.

Support for the plants - I've set up a grid of canes across one end of the g/h and will be training them up it.  Photo when I get back.  That looks like a good system as well Colin.

How big should pots be?  I have four plants in two growbags but am considering planting a couple more in pots.

And can they go outside?  (I think I know the answer to that one: it depends on the weather...)



Steve, as long as plenty of air, any support is OK. The more plants, the merrier because pollination is essential. Don't allow a melon to grow on the main shoot or you will only get one melon and try and limit to 6 melons max per plant for good healthy plants. I don't know where you are from, but I would be dubious about putting them outside. Having said that, Mother Nature has a habit of frequently fooling us. You can get an idea of the pot size as the plant is about 14" tall.

Looking forward to your photos.

Steve 309

Liverpool.  The garden's in the city so plenty of urban heat island effect and of course it's maritime as well.  We had virtually no frost all winter.  I might try one against the south-facing wall shletered on three sides by wall, shed & greenhouse.

Air, you say?  Didin't realise they need lots of that.  I have my five in the g/h fairly close together but the windows tend to stay open so I daresay it'll be draughty enoiugh.

Thanks for your support (I shall wear it always).


Well!  I now have four melon plants in growbags in the greenhouse, about 3 foot high and looking very healthy.  They have just begun to produce a few flowers.  I have nipped out the growing tip at about 3 foot.

I don't need to produce very many fruits, but I really would like to get half a dozen just to prove to my very sceptical Other Half that it is possible to grow melons here!  So, if my priority is size / quality rather than quantity, can someone advise...

Do I stop the laterals now too, or let them grow?

Do I pinch out sideshoots like I would for tomatoes?

Do I feed them, and if so then is tomato food the right sort of stuff?

Any other advice?  Do my plants sound like they are doing what they should be doing at the beginning of July?  All suggestions very gratefully received....

Thank you!



Bumping up for Rosie - any melon growers out there? 


Thank you Dove!