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My 10-year-old-ish pear tree has gone wonky again. A month ago it looked beautiful with fresh green leaves but suddenly the leaves develop rust-coloured patches all over them and fall off.  The patches are smooth on both sides so I don't think its scab, and theres no sign of insects.  There is actually new growth on the ends of some of the branches. Last year I wondered if it was too dry but that can't be the case this year.

All help gratefully received!


Alina W

It might be pear rust, where the swellings on the back of the leaf develop over time. Have a look at this link to see if it's likely.

Lion S

I agree with Alina, could be pear rust. IMO this could also be caused by the Pear Leaf Blister Mite so I think that a photo could enlighten us all, if that 's possible.

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