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hi can anyone help me, im new to this site, i have little red beatles all over my lilies, can you tell me the best way to treat them, many thanks

Red lily beetles-not the pop group.

Just pick them off carefully and do the deed-you will need to be careful and do it everyday-that is the best cure

They are crafty-and if dropped go upside down so you cant see them

Just a matter of being vigilant


I put a small container under the leaf with the varmint on and knock it carefully into it. Safer than trying to pick off the blighters. Very satisfying to crush them with a piece of slate. Even more so when it is 2 of them caught in flagrante delicto.

You also need to keep an eye out for the grubs. The cover themselves in the frass from eating the lily leaves and you ned to find these bird dropping like masses and wipe them off to kill the grub inside.


And for anyone unfamiliar with this pest here is an image.


Berg- I like the word 'frass'- that's a new one on me!

Glad it wasn't a pic of the two 'in flagrante....'


thanks for all your, help sorry about the spelling mistake, first time on this site, bit nervous 


happy picking pat

ha ha, well said lazy gardener, just been out and killed about 10 beetles, its starting to rain, so i will have another go tomorrow, and look for the grubs, thanks again everyone

pickt 9 last night only 2 to day thanks for your help .

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