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Hi, I thought this plant was really pretty aquired some seed and have it in several patches in the garden. It's gone mad it's invading everything how on earth can I get rid of it, I've tried digging it out but just miss a little bit and there you have another plant. It's driving me mad and spoiling my borders, any advise would be gratefully received.Thanks all, Elise


Move house!


Seriously I know the problem. We have the double form and it is just as bad. Translocatable weed killer every time you see a leaf is about the only way. Even then you are talking seasons rather than instant.


I had this plant too. It is very pretty but very invasive. I managed to find a spot where it could do it's thing but then waged war on the rest in the borders. Continue digging whatever you can but then dab the tiny new plants with glyphosphate as they emerge. I couldn't spray mine because it was growing through desirable plants but I found glyphosphate mixed with wallpaper paste & applied with rubber gloves and paintbrush worked well. I guess the new(ish) Roundup Gel that you can just dab on leaves would do the job just as well (wasn't available when I was waging war).

Important thing is to be vigilant & zap the new plants as soon as they have enough leaf to apply the Roundup or your potion of choice.

Good luck - I won the battle - you can too 

Saponaria grows wild on the Towans behind me....looks lovely and natural.  People dig it up, and the wild orchids growing there and others and transplant to their gardens where they take over.  

Oenothera..evening primrose....mixes naturally with vipers bugloss too making a lovely yellow and blue scene.  Nature does "wild" very well.  We do the cultivated forms very well.  Nice arrangement

Thanks for your advise I thought chemical warfare would be the only way to be rid of it. it's a shame really because it is pretty

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