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Ok, I need advice very very quickly...There is something wrong with my garden, there are large cracks up and down my soil and grass, I water the garden regularly so they are not due to dehydration, I have tried to fill up the cracks with water from the hose to see how deep it was but the cracks never filled up. I am rather worried about this. I am a UK resident...And advice?


Any big trees around? type of soil?   Lots of big cracks under our oak, on clay soil. They will close up again in the winter.


Can you take a photograph ? It may help to analyse the problem.

No these cracks are in the grass and flowerbeds, nowhere near any big trees...


 What is your garden built over?quarry/,mine shaft? may be worth looking at the deeds.


I have tried to fill up the cracks from my hose, but they never fill...


I don't think there anything to worry about. Could be a ant channel or just dry earth. 


Have you tried pushing a bamboo cane down into this crack ? How far does it go.

It looks pretty deep, I dont think its dry earth or anything like that...that isnt the only crack, they are all around the borders of the flower beds, all through the grass and next to the pavement


Does the crack run into any neighbouring land/gardens ? or is your garden a isolated case in your area.


I would still try and push a cane/stick into the crack like, if it disappeared you'd def have to look more indepth into the problem and get a expert round.


I've often seen ground like that in dry spells when out walking in the countryside. I wouldn't worry about it, just when ground gets as dry as that it takes an awful lot of water to rehydrate it (will happen naturally as soon as we get some wet weather of course), especially if it's a patch which normally holds moisture well.

As said above if you're really worried check the deeds but it's likely to just be this long dry spell.


I see you live in Bexley/ Are you on London clay?


As a child growing up on a farm in the countryside, cracks like those in the soil were commonplace in a dry summer.  Absolutely nothing to worry about unless your home is built on the edge of a  cliff or similar.

The problem is we've not had a properly dry summer for so long, there's a generation of people who've never seen this. 

London clay...I believe so...Ok I will leave it for a while, hopefully after this heatwave passes the soil may get better


Thank you for the help!!  I now know not to worry...unless it gets worse of course


I have clay soil and get this problem.  I fill the cracks with compost to help stop water from running straight down when I need to get the hose out.

Keyser Soze

If your drainage is normally poor during wet spells then this could point to clay also.

My whole garden was like this at my old house if it's any comfort!


I get cracks like that in areas of our garden, more this year than last as we haven't had rain. We also have clay soil. The areas that don't do it are ones where we had a skip and dug loads of clay out.

Keyser Soze

We ended up spiking the whole lawn with one of those things that takes the plugs of earth out. We top dressed with sharp sand, compost, grass seed  and a light loam and filled the holes in as we were going.

Very hard work but it did the trick!