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why are my heuchera growing lots of new shoots that are very limp and hang down and lie on top of pots that they are planted in


When did you plant them into the pots?  We have had some very chilly nights, quite alot of frosts recently, maybe they are plain too cold - maybe cover them with some horticultural fleece, or n espapaer - but that you will need to take off in the day if it above freezing to get some light to them.  Possibly check the roots i for something nasty eating them?  Assume they are not dry - sounds cold to me. 

Jean Genie

Are they suffering from lack of water, Lady G ? I had to water most of my pots today as it's been dry here for nearly a week ( for a change ! )

Failing that I would tip them out and have a look at the roots - see if the dreaded vine weevil has took up residence. I do this every year about this time as the little blighters seem to love mine.

Maybe just dried out but the dreaded vine weevil loves Heucheras. If they are newly planted or still in small pots they may well be dry
Hey jean our posts are similar. Great minds eh?


Jean Genie

My mind is totally addled today, Verdun  Love your photos . Mine looks a bit of a tip as we haven't managed to finish off the new bed .

Still, Rome wasn't built in a day.

I so hate vine weevils - found one in the conservatory last year in an African violet - had to check everything in there.

Thanks for your tips unfortunately the dreaded vine weevil has destroyed all my heuchera,  can I treat the soil from the pots they were planted in or do I have to dispose of it? 


What's a vine weevil and how do I spot them? I have a lot of Heucherras as I really like them so would like to be careful of them. Is there anything I can do as a preventative?

Its not visible on the heuchera plant ,it's in the soil and eats away at the roots working its way inside the plant until like mine they drooped badly and when I asked for advice this is what I found the heuchera had no roots left on it and when I cut into the stems of the heuchera the vine weevil were happily munching their way right to the top of the stem where the leaves have drooped, that's all l can tell you from my experience. 


Thanks for the heads-up anyway, I have seven Heucherras at the moment which are going to be arranged in a nice ornamental fassion in the spring when they're over their winter ordeal, and another in a hanging basket permanently by my front door. I love the mix of colours that can be achieved and they're very hardy.

Note the picture was taken when I potted them up last year, they're a little less bright now following the snow.


I treat Heucheras every six months...autumn and now....with Provado vine weevil killer or with nematodes. Don't mix's either or. I check my plants now ...I remove all leaves and slightly pull the plant. If it lifts you have weevils. If not I treat with Provado now or wait until spring to apply nematodes. Fish blood n bone feed and the Heucheras start growing away fast. You can dig up your plants now to split and put in pots. Wash soil thoroughly. Search though the soil where Heuchera was and remove it into container to search again. Weevils love mpc so I try to use John innes instead. Heucheras, for me, need checking like this but otherwise are easy and worthwhile
Salt ski you will have some wonderful colour there in few weeks

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