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Does anyone know how to stop bugs eating the leaves of pond lilies ?  I'll finish up with no leaves if I cut off all the affected ones.      And the fish don't seem to keep on top of it !


Why are you cutting off the ones with holes in?  Leave them alone and go and do some hoovering!

You cut them off and destroy them to try to reduce the bug population, as the leaves go quite yellow and hole-riddled !    Mind you, hoovering is a good idea - with the pond vac ! ! 


I meant hoovering indoors! 

 Pond vacs are death to pond life; you do want wildlife in your pond, don't you?

Wildlife is thriving - but there's about 4 inches of silt in the bottom.  I've rigged up a kind of dome over the head of the pond vac to stop small fry and newts being sucked up.   Do you have a wildlife pond then ?

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