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Sara 4

One particular rosebush is suffering, and this seems to have happened overnight.  I can't see any creatures on the leaves at all, but there are tiny brown squiggles of discoloured leaf, almost as if a tiny grub of some sort had left its imprint.  Then there are lots of holes, mostly in the middle of the leaves rather than the margins.  I have looked up sawflies on google, which was informative, but I didn't find any recommendations as to how to get rid of them (if they are the culprits); there are too many leaves affected to pull them off the plant.  Any help greatly appreciated - or any ideas as to what else could be causing the problem. 

Sara 4

The holes are no longer only in the roses.  I still can't see any caterpillars/larvae of any sort, and I thought sawfly were more or less specific, but I now have peonies, hostas, arum lilies and a host of other things with holes in.  ?????

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